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Who are we

TecBitz was founded by Cord Varty out of a passion for helping people use their technology. Even though technology is smarter and more powerful than it has ever been, issues still arise. We’re there when you’re faced with a computer that’s infected with malware, need help setting up a wireless router, or are simply not sure which new laptop to purchase.

Photo of Cord Varty
Image of a desktop with an error

What we do

We specialize in tech support and consulting services tailored toward individuals and small businesses. Rather than talk to a machine and wait on long hold times, we develop strong relationships with quick response times. We offer both on-site and remote support. We’re located in Kimball, MI and provide on-site services within and around St. Clair County. In addition, with the help of our Splashtop SOS software, we provide remote tech support globally.

What’s with the dog?

You might have noticed our blue and white meditating dog. This is our mascot Bitz. Our dog Diesel was the inspiration for him. Not only does he represent our love for dogs but also our goal of giving you peace of mind when it comes to your technology.

Photo of Diesel